These recordings from a live concert in Europe are a good example of what Bud Powell was capable of late in his career. This period of Bud Powell's recording are sometimes overlooked, but they are terrific. I transcribed them in February, 2015.   

This is Bud's solo from opening track of the fifth installment of The Amazing Bud Powell albums. One notable aspect of this album, besides the playing, is that most of the originals are in minor keys, which, for me, gives the album a very distinct vibe, one that sets it apart from the rest of Bud's discography. His solo here on "Cleopatra's Dream" is a truly remarkable. Over a dead simple form (the same minor ii-V again and again), Bud's spins out six beautifully melodic and imaginative choruses. It is also a workshop on long term development and pacing. Stay tuned for more from this album!

Below are most of the solos from The Amazing Bud Powell Vol.1 including the alternate takes. I transcribed these in February and March of 2015. It is Bud right in his prime, endlessly inventive and daring. I particularly love his solos on "Dance of the Infidels" and "Parisian Thoroughfare". 

The Amazing Bud Powell Volume 1

Live in Lausanne 1962

The 1953 Birdland recordings are a mixed bag in terms of recording quality, but Bud is flying and accompanied by a variety of excellent rhythm sections. He plays both standards and his originals and it a great document of Bud in his prime. More to come!

The Amazing Bud Powell Vol. 5-The Scene Changes

​Bud Powell

Jeff McGregor saxophonist composer educator  

Birdland 1953